21-Day Salute – Day 8

WWII Veteran Sir Stanley Wojtusik continues to Remember, Honor and Teach


Wreaths Across America (WAA) is enacting a 21-Day Salute, recognizing groups and individuals who exemplify the mission to Remember, Honor and Teach. The organization has a goal to place a wreath at every headstone at Arlington National Cemetery, but they have a dream that people across the country will share the mission of WAA for generations.

Sir Stanley Wojtusik, Vice Chair of Wreaths Across America’s honorary board and a World War II Veteran, was held as a prisoner of war for six months, including Christmas Eve 1944. Huddled with hundreds of other POWs in three unmarked boxcars, the train that evening came under Allied fire. Confined, unable to help their comrades under attack, Sir Stanley and the men joined hands, singing Silent Night to comfort one another during that terrible time. Sir Stanley’s car was the only one spared, and the loss of his fellow soldiers that night inspired last year’s theme, as it was known forevermore as “the Christmas they never had.”

In his 87 years, Sir Stanley has experienced so much and continues to contribute his knowledge and time to promoting the recognition of American Veterans. He believes in the mission of Wreaths Across America, and for the thousands of WWII veterans whom we lose each day it lets them know one final time that we will never forget.

To learn more about Sir Stanley and his involvement with Wreaths Across America, please contact:


Amber Caron

(207) 513-6457


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