Arlington National Cemetery info for Volunteers 2012

Information for Volunteers at Arlington National Cemetery for National Wreaths Across America Day 2012


Thank you for your interest in helping with the placement of wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, December 15, 2012. We continue to work with the cemetery officials in obtaining the details for this year’s event. When we finalize them we will be putting the details on the Wreaths Across America web page at and on the Arlington Wreath’s facebook pages at and so please check out these links later in the year for all the details.

We do know that we will start with a short welcome/briefing at 9:30am at the Memorial Amphitheater near the Tomb of the Unknowns. The ceremony will provide some introductory remarks and a short briefing to provide basic information to volunteers. After the ceremony, volunteers will move to the designated areas of the cemetery where they will participate in the laying of wreaths on headstones. We want to remind you that when you place the wreath, you may be the first person to visit that particular grave in years, so we hope you will take time to read the stone and honor the memory of that hero.

The Cemetery will be open to the public at 8:00am with limited free parking in the Visitor’s Center Parking Lot starting at 8:00am up to 1:00pm. Parking will be very limited so we highly encourage the use of Metro if possible. When using Metro, the Arlington Cemetery stop on the Metro’s Blue Line stops at the cemetery entrance, you can also access various parts of the Cemetery from the Rosslyn, Pentagon, and Pentagon City stops via only a short walk. To support our Metro traveling volunteers, we will have multiple gates open to provide pedestrian access to the ceremony. In addition, we will have parking spaces at the Pentagon’s North Parking lot, at Fort Myer, and at public use lots near the Pentagon City Mall. Look to our Facebook page: and website for more details, driving directions, etc. to be posted very soon.

Only those with a valid ANC Family Pass or Handicap Permit will be allowed to drive into the Cemetery proper to park.

General wreath laying will begin about 10:00am after the opening ceremony. There will be special wreath ceremonies at the President Kennedy’s family memorial at 11:00am, at the Mast of the Battleship USS Maine at 11:30am, and a final special wreath ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at 12 Noon.

There is no other sign-up or registration required. Just show up at the designated time and place.

Wreath clean-up volunteers are always needed too. Clean up at Arlington National Cemetery will take place on Saturday, January 26, 2013. For more information please check out the above web site later in December for all the details.

Summary of Arlington Wreath Program Details -

8:00 am - Arlington National Cemetery Gates open to public

8:30 am – Ceremonial Wreaths Across America Truck Parade arrives Arlington Main entrance (time approx)

9:30 am – Opening Ceremony (Memorial Amphitheater)

9:45 am - Flyby by HMX1 helicopters

10:00 am – Wreath laying begins at sites throughout cemetery

11:00 am - Wreath laying ceremony at President Kennedy grave

11:30 am - Wreath laying ceremony at USS Battleship Maine Mast

1200 Noon - Wreath laying ceremony at Tomb of Unknown Soldier

It is our goal to cover the entire cemetery this year, some 224,000 plus graves, but we need your support.

You and your friends can also help us reach our goal to cover all of the graves at Arlington by going to the web sites mentioned and sponsoring a wreath or two. The cost is only $15 per wreath, a small price to honor and remember those who have given us our freedoms with their sacrifices.

Again I thank you for your interest and support.

Wayne Hanson

Arlington Wreath Project Coordinator