Every Day Is Veterans Day

Every Day Is Veterans Day

Each month Rep. Jeff Miller, Congressman from Florida has been sharing a perspective on our veterans.

America has many great qualities, each of which makes us the greatest nation in the world. Few of these qualities are as vital, however, to America’s success as the strength and determination of her war fighters. For over 225 years, Americans have signed up, at great peril to themselves, to defend the ideals upon which this nation was founded.

Once a year, on Veterans Day, all Americans turn their eyes to this group of heroes and honor their service to our nation. November 11 is a special day.  It is a reminder for us to always respect and pay tribute to our men and women in uniform who served. But in my opinion, and I know others agree, one day is not enough.  Many veterans will tell you they signed up to serve expecting nothing in return. It is that type of selflessness that makes our veterans unique. We should mirror that selflessness and celebrate our veterans throughout the year.

To me, every day is “Veterans Day.”  Although there is value in singling out one specific day to demonstrate our support and encouragement for the members of our Armed Forces, that support should not evaporate on November 12.  America’s veterans are facing numerous challenges as they return home, and it is up to each of us to make them a part of our community.

This November, let us not forget the service and sacrifice of veterans and celebrate them every day of the month, whether that is through reaching out to a neighbor whose husband or wife is deployed, volunteering at a local veteran service organization, or contacting our Chamber of Commerce if you have job openings to give a chance to an unemployed vet.

There are many ways to show your support for our veterans every day of the year. If you are presented with the opportunity to help a veteran, even if in only some small way, I hope you will do so.

—Rep. Jeff Miller is Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.