Fundraising Forms

2016 Downloadable Fundraising Forms

Instructions for Fundaising- PDF

Blank W-9 to be completed by Fundraising Groups PDF

2016 Fundraising Tally Sheet- Download PDF  or    Word Format

2016 Wreath Sponsorship Form- Download PDF  or    Word Format

2016 Trifold Brochure- Download PDF  or    Word Format

Donation Receipt- Download PDF   or   Word Format

2016 What A Difference A Day Makes Kit PDF   or   Word Format

2016 Informational Brochure- PDF

2015 Instructions for Personalizing Fundraising Page- PDF

What is a Veterans Wreath Poster- PDF

Teach Brochure- PDF

Flag Etiquette- PDF

2016 Fundraising Press Release- currently unavailable

Policies and Resource for Fundraising Groups- PDF

Policies and Resources for Locations- PDF

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