Show Your Colors In 2013

Back By Popular Demand – WAA Badges For Facebook

(2) Wreaths Across America - Official PageMany of you have probably seen our new logo. And in a moment I will tell you a little story about how the logo came to be. But first, did you know you can put a WAA badge on your Facebook profile photo to show you support?

We offered this several years ago and had thousands of people sign up to show their support to the Remember, Honor, and Teach mission. It was a great way to let the World know where we stand, especially going into the fall months as we build up to the wreath-laying events all around the country.

Understand this is a Facebook tool. If you don’t use Facebook, this might not make sense. Also know that if you choose to add a WAA “picbadge” to your profile photo, you can remove it at any time. So you could choose to show your colors for a week or a day. Hopefully others will ask you about it, and you will be able to tell them about how and why you became involved with Wreaths Across America.

To add your own picbadge, just go to this link on the Facebook page. Click the big orange button and it will walk you thru adding your own badge. How many people do you think will join us? With over 20,000 people on the newsletter list, and nearly 50,000 Facebook fans nationwide, I am very curious to see how may others will show their colors.

Now for the story I promised. Long time readers of the newsletter will recognize the name Craig McPhee as the Founder of Wreaths Across Canada. Several years back, Mr. McPhee traveled down to Maine and met with Morrill and Karen because he was so moved by the events he saw at Arlington. Inspired by his U.S. brethren, Mr. McPhee went on to form Wreaths Across Canada with several participating cemeteries in different provinces including the Capitol in Ottawa.

Wreaths Across Canada was the first to use an illustration of the three stones placed on headstones as part of their logo – representing the mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach. At WAA, we had long talked about creating a new logo that would best represent the organization, and with Mr. McPhee’s permission, we adopted a similar 3 wreath arrangement to go along with the iconic image of the wreaths in the white snow at Arlington. So giving credit where credit is due – we love our new logo (especially on deep blue like you will see with the picbadges) and our thanks to Mr. McPhee and his team at Wreaths Across Canada for our give and take of inspiration!