Fundraising Part II: Build Your Team

We are continuing our spotlight on Fundraising this month with more Fundraising Tips from our SWAT Conference in March.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a one-man job. The many hands involved in Wreaths Across America Fundraising Groups epitomize this year’s theme: Everyone Plays a Part. But there are other philanthropic folks in your neighborhoods who are willing and able to support the mission - Remember, Honor, Teach - if asked.

There are already many organizations nation-wide that have, in years past, stepped up to support Wreaths Across America locations in fundraising and volunteer efforts. The Boy Scouts of America is one such organization, mentioned in last month’s Fundraising Blog. Scouting is “fun, hands-on learning and achievement that puts kids in the middle of the action and prepares them for today – and for life.” Scouts often make up a strong proportion of the volunteers on National Wreaths Across America Day in December, but can also be a valuable team for fundraising and supporting the mission year-round.

Local VFW and American Legions are both veterans service organizations aimed at advocating patriotism across the US. Their diverse programming provides vital service and support as well as a central meeting place for our nation’s veterans. These men and women individually are often the first in line to help support the WAA mission. Work with them to create fundraising events at their local chapters, such a hosting a bingo night, a spaghetti dinner, or a Bean Suppah’ as we like to have here in Maine.

WAA could not send the convoy from Maine to Arlington each year without the dedicated support of Maine State and local law enforcement. At each stop along the way, law enforcement officers and first responders are always lining the streets into town. Tap into this support in your area. Co-sponsoring events like golf tournaments or auctions is a great way to spread the word to a wider audience in your community.

And for our fitness-minded folks out there, how about teaming up with your Crossfit gym or local running club to sponsor wreaths throughout the year? Incentivizing fitness is a trend sweeping the nation. Get your team together to pledge wreaths for working out every day, three times a week, running more miles, etc. Motivation is key, and working together towards your goals (fitness and wreaths sponsored) can make all the difference.

What organizations or groups do you work with to support our mission and fundraising throughout the year. Share your ideas on our Facebook Pages.