In Memory of SFC Anthony Venetz Jr.

Wreaths Across America is proud to partner with nonprofits and veteran service organizations across the United States in supporting our nation’s heroes and thanking them for their service. Through our fundraising group efforts, WAA stimulates other charitable funds by returning $5 of every $15 wreath sponsorship raised. In doing so, we “do good twice,” recognizing the commitment made by VSOs and other nonprofits to support WAA by directly giving back to their missions in turn. 

Anthony Venetz Sr. is a co-Location Coordinator for the Sunset Memorial Gardens cemetery in Graniteville, South Carolina. He also leads the Fundraising Group “In Memory of SFC Anthony Venetz Jr.” in honor of his late son and namesake. 

The Fundraising Group participates in the $5 program as a means of helping to grow the Wreaths Across America wreath program throughout the Aiken County, South Carolina region. Anthony explained how some of the kickbacks go towards other participating cemeteries just starting out, so they have a head start on their first year of wreath laying. 

As a veteran, Anthony is also Vice Chair of the Aiken County Veterans Council.

Serving as a unified federation of veteran service organizations, civic associations and the local community, [the Aiken County Veterans Council] seeks to promote the goals and objectives of all veteran organizations for the common good; foster and support the exchange of information and ideas among all veteran oriented organizations; address issues related to the active and veteran personnel of all the uniformed services, as well as their dependents and survivors in Aiken County.

- Aiken County Veterans Council vision.

He is grateful to use the additional money raised through the fundraising program to support the Council’s many yearly projects including emergency financial assistance, veteran outreach, educational programming in local schools, and services for the homeless. 

“We don’t have a big impact,” said Anthony, “but we have an impact. Because every little bit helps.”

In our interview with Anthony last month, it was easy to discern the passion he has for working with the military and our nation’s veterans, for Wreaths Across America and our mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach. 

“If you’re not moved when you stop and look and read the name and say it out loud,” he said, “and think about…the dash in between…and you wonder about that person’s life and what they gave up to give us what we have; I think it absolutely a wonderful, moving thing.”

Anthony Venetz Sr. and “In Memory of SFC Anthony Venetz Jr.,” we thank you for all you do for Wreaths Across America and your community. 

You can hear more of this story and from other Fundraising Groups throughout Giving in July on Wreaths Across America Radio