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Personal Message
by Christie Laws for Cecil Harris, Army, Pfc, Honored by Arlington National Cemetery

Dear Grand dad after all these years we finally got you home..You were never forgotten and will never be forgotten...thank you for giving your life for me...I love you..your grand daughter Christie Laws
In Memoriam
by D J. for Stephen Lehane , Army, Honored by Arlington National Cemetery

Stephen Lehane US Army
by Carolyn S.
Rest in peace, your family misses you this and every holiday season.
Personal Message for Joseph Natali, Army, Sgt, Born 12/28/12, Passed On 12/20/73, Honored by Arlington National Cemetery

I am told we met once, when I was a newborn...I wish I remembered...I wish I knew you. I visited your grave for the first time this spring when I was 55. I hope we will meet again sometime in another place and we three can talk...grandfather to son and grandson, your namesakes. You were born and died around Christmastime, somewhat apropos as our name translates literally to mean Christmas in Italian. Merry Christmas Grandpa Joe, I thank you for serving and for so much more.
In Honor Of
by Jeffrey Weart
In honor of George Stukhart, US Army and Douglas S. Weart US AirForce

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