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Kenneth Lange, Marine Corps
Kenneth Lange, Marine Corps, Posted by: gregory l.
In honor of all military service men and women, we thank you for protecting our freedoms, answering the call of duty and making the sacrifices you have made. Respectful and grateful for ever. Tina and Scott
Paul Koerner, Army
Paul Koerner, Army, Posted by: RICHARD FRANZ
Paul Koerner served in the US Army Military Police with honor & distinction. Honor his memory
joseph consiglio, Army
joseph consiglio, Army, Posted by: RICHARD FRANZ
Pvt. Joe Consiglio served in the US Army during Vietnam with honor and distinction. Honor his memory
Melvin Vitt, Army
Melvin Vitt, Army, Posted by: Albright
We love you & miss you!
George Emmert. 1D01208, Army
George Emmert. 1D01208, Army, Posted by: Janet Evans
Love you George love your stepdaughter Janet
Heinz Dieckmann , Navy
Heinz Dieckmann , Navy, Posted by: Janet Evans
Love you Dad your daughter
Edward Warden, Army
Edward Warden, Army, Posted by: Catherine OBrien
Edward Warden loving husband,father. A good man. Thank you for your service.
Shirley Waliszewski, Air Force
Shirley Waliszewski, Air Force, Posted by: Nancy H.
Shirley best BFF forever....miss you so much. "Requiescat In Pace"
Richard Buller, Air Force
Richard Buller, Air Force, SGT, Posted by: Cliff VanIttersum
To sergeant Richard S. Buller, WWII, we thank you for your service.
Posted by: Benjamin Edwards & Company/Tracy & Lois Johnson
In Memory of Jim & Vesta Orletta Lattig
Dorothy Yates
Dorothy Yates, Posted by: Robert S Yates Jr Or & Doris E Yates
David Rohlik, Army
David Rohlik, Army, Born 06/15/59, Passed on 12/10/82, Posted by: Susan T.
To my handsome soldier and love of my life, I send this wreath to remember you at Christmas and always. I love you and miss you with all my heart. I will never forget you and I look forward to seeing you and spending eternity with you in Heaven one day. We will be together again, my love.
Thomas Bloodsaw, Jr., Army
Thomas Bloodsaw, Jr., Army, Posted by: Martha B.
Thomas Bloodsaw Jr., A strong brother and proud veteran.
Leo Robbins, Army
Leo Robbins, Army, SFC, Born 07/13/34, Passed on 09/10/16, Posted by: Jennifer T.
Leo V Robbins, Dedicated soldier, VFW member & leader and the best uncle a kid could have. Thank you for your love and your service.
George Robbins III, Marine Corps
George Robbins III, Marine Corps, SGT, Served from 1947, Born 08/14/30, Passed on 04/11/07
George E Robbins III Always in our hearts. Thank you for your service and the love you gave your family.
Fred Woodson Jr, Marine Corps
Fred Woodson Jr, Marine Corps, Ssgt, Served from 20, Born 11/27/40, Passed on 02/17/18, Posted by: Kaylyn M.
Fred & Sylvia Woodson