Wreaths Across America's "Trucking Tributes" Presents Bennett International Group


Wreaths Across America receives no government funding to support operations. Motivated and dedicated patriots across the country and at locations overseas power the Maine-based nonprofit organization.

The mission to remember, honor, and teach is carried out daily by millions of citizens who care deeply for those who have served our nation in the armed forces, and their families. Some of these remarkable individuals are veterans themselves or come from military families while others are driven by a deep sense of patriotism and community service.

Placing fresh, hand-made balsam remembrance wreaths on the headstones of veterans across the country in December requires tremendous logistics and unyielding support from the trucking industry.

Wreaths Across America shows its gratitude and appreciation for all those involved in transporting America's respect with "Trucking Tributes." These stories introduce you to the men and women of the industry who make the mission possible.

Wreaths Across America is a mission carried out daily by remarkable volunteers across this great nation and abroad. Their desire to remember our fallen military service men and women and honor those currently serving and their families creates meaningful examples of gratitude and respect for younger generations to witness.

The professional drivers and companies representing our Honor Fleet say a load of veterans’ wreaths is the most precious cargo they transport during their careers and many of our transportation partners haul multiple loads and perform cross-dock operations.

One company in Georgia, however, is doing more than transporting wreaths. Lee Gentry is the Executive Vice President of Bennett International Group and says Bennett Motor Express has decided to take their support to a new level by “adopting” a national cemetery to support their Wreaths Across America Day ceremonies.

Andersonville National Cemetery is about an hour and a half from our corporate headquarters,” Lee explains. “The folks there at the cemetery have been super amazing to work with. We’re spending a day soon with Mr. Charles Sellars, the Superintendent of the cemetery to find out how we can help them more and build a better relationship. We want to try to help them do more fundraising. It’s our goal to help them cover all of the grave sites there and that’s a tall order.”

In fact, there are 20,000 veterans buried at Andersonville to be honored in December and Bennett Motor Express is encouraging their employees and others to sponsor wreaths.

Patriotism is one of our core values here at Bennett,” Lee proudly proclaims. “We have quite a few people here who have served in the military or have relatives serving today. We love our country and our flag and appreciate those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.” Lee’s brother and uncle have both served in the U.S. Army.

Lee says he’s seen first hand the impact of Wreaths Across America. “When I went to Andersonville National last year to greet our truck and help lay the wreaths, I saw so many families who were deeply touched to see all the wreaths on those headstones.”

Whether it’s supporting a golf tournament or setting up a table at a local shopping center to talk about the mission of Wreaths Across America the employees at Bennett Motor Express are engaged now to be sure more veterans are remembered and honored on National Wreaths Across America Day, Saturday, December 15, 2018.

Bennett’s CEO Marcia Taylor has carried on her late husbands legacy by building a company whose other core values revolve around family with the motto “We Care.” The Wreaths Across America family is honored to have such generous partners in patriotism.

You can hear more from Lee about Bennett International Group during “Trucking Tributes” on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM and again at 4:00 PM on Wreaths Across America Radio.