Honor and Remember

Wreaths Across America is proud to partner with nonprofits and veteran service organizations across the United States in supporting our nation’s heroes and thanking them for their service. Through our fundraising group efforts, WAA stimulates other charitable funds by returning $5 of every $15 wreath sponsorship raised. In doing so, we “do good twice,” recognizing the commitment made by VSOs and other nonprofits to support WAA by directly giving back to their missions in turn.


George Lutz, a Gold Star Father, is the founder of Honor and Remember, an organization which pays tribute to all military lives lost through their dedicated symbol of remembrance – the Honor and Remember Flag.

On December 29, 2005, George Anthony Lutz II was killed while on patrol in Fallujah. In the months that followed his son’s funeral, George visited with other families who had lost loved ones. He also visited Arlington National Cemetery participating in his first wreath-laying ceremony with Wreaths Across America in 2006.

“Remembrance is a very important thing for families that have given a loved one. [The wreath] was a great way of visually articulating that remembrance,” noted George.

Honor and Remember was founded in 2008 with a mission that dovetails well with that of WAA:

To establish, educated, present, and comfort. To publicly honor and remember every American fallen service member and recognize the enduring sacrifice of every family.

The Honor and Remember Flag is a visible, public reminder to all Americans of the lives given to preserve freedom and a national symbol of appreciation recognizing the sacrifice of generations of fallen hero families.

“One of the most significant ways that we reach out is to individual families with a personalized Honor and Remember Flag. That is one of our very top focuses on our benevolent side. Through the kickback program, we are able to reach more families who are waiting for this gift to be presented to them.”

“The most important thing,” George continued, “is that families of the fallen know that their loved ones have not been forgotten. And neither have they, [the families] been forgotten.”

The goal of Honor and Remember is to establish a national symbol of Remembrance, to educate and bring awareness to the nation, and therefore leave a legacy for the families of our nation’s fallen heroes. To date, the foundation has reached near 4,000 families with their symbol of appreciation, while they have a list of nearly 500 families still waiting for their Flag. The foundation even has a bill in Congress to have it legislated that the Honor and Remember Flag be a national symbol of remembrance.

George Lutz and Honor and Remember, we thank you for all you do for Wreaths Across America and your community.

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