Taya Kyle on the "Ripple Effect" That is Wreaths Across America

October 10, 2016


Taya Kyle will tell you the farthest thing from her mind when she married a U.S. Navy SEAL was national notoriety. She supported her husband's military career and took pride in his genuine and unwavering commitment to the nation he served, but she focused on the man himself, their marriage, and building a family.

Wreaths Across America Founder Morrill Worcester along with his family and a handful of volunteers went about his unwavering commitment to honor and pay respects to military veterans and their families for twenty-five years and never expected their quiet wreath-laying effort in Arlington National Cemetery to gain national notoriety either. Today, that effort has grown to over eleven hundred participating locations nationwide rallying the efforts of hundreds of thousands of patriotic volunteers.

Recently as guests of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Taya Kyle and the Worcester family met for the first time. It was evident to all those present there was an immediate bond of mutual respect, gratitude, and faith.

Taya spoke of her beliefs and how they have guided her through the trauma and grief she and her two children have endured since the 2013 murder of her husband, Chief Christopher Scott Kyle, known to most through a best-selling book and motion picture bearing the same name;  American Sniper.

Taya spoke of Chris's humility and offered us an inside understanding of her husband and the man he was as a father and veterans advocate, as does her book American WifeAn example she shares about Chris and his humility relates to a book-signing event when a man told Chris he had waited for hours in line to meet him. His response was, "Oh God I'm so sorry, you must be disappointed. C'mon man you waited three hours to find out, I'm just another dumb redneck standing here."

Morrill Worcester has not served in the armed forces, but his tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom has grown into a national movement allowing people from all walks of life and religious beliefs to unite together in paying respect. Still, he humbly refers to himself as "just a wreath maker from Maine" who devoutly believes the idea of honoring our nation's fallen was simply "put into my head one day by the good Lord himself."

Taya spoke about the "beauty through the ashes" her faith has allowed her to see despite her painful loss. She shared her gratitude for the love and support given to her and her children.

Here are some video highlights from her presentation explaining how Wreaths Across America exemplifies the "ripple effect of kindness."

Fundraising Groups Benefit from Their Involvement with Wreaths Across America

“My father is buried at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery,” Rhonda disclosed. “I participated in the wreath ceremony there two years ago, and we were able to place one on his grave. I looked into it and found out more about the organization and the fundraising opportunities. I thought it would be a great community service project for our students.”...

Wreaths Across America's Trucking Tributes Presents Apple Transfer, Inc.

Apple Transfer has some wrapped tractors, one in honor of Joe’s mother and father, and trailers with pictures of local heroes on them which receive quite a bit of attention throughout the year....

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