Ceremony Information

We've done it - YOU'VE Done it!!!  You've spread the Mission far and wide, and we will be able to place a Wreath on Every Grave this year!

Because of our amazing Fundraising Groups, our Supporters, our Amazing Core Team, Memorial Council and Cemetery Staff, December 15th, 2018, will be a historical day for Wreaths Across America at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery.

We expect upwards of 8,000 Volunteers that day, and with a crowd that size, planning and logistics are key.

If you've picked up a Set Aside Wreath on the Pick Up days (Wed 12/12, Thu 12/13 and Fri 12/14 between 10 and 5 at the Cemetery Admin building, and want to bring it back to share the experience with your Family and Loved ones, please either be at the Cemetery by 9 am and drive to the Section to place your wreath, OR be at the shuttle bus lots to catch an early shuttle, beginning at 10 am, to get to the Cemetery and place your special wreath before the Ceremony starts.     No wreaths, will be placed during the Ceremony.

All folks must use the shuttle buses, unless, you have a specifically issued Parking Pass to park on the Cemetery limited parking.   Follow the signage and directions of Officers as you enter Indiantown Gap.    There are a limited number of Handicap spots available on the Memorial Grounds.   Please, if you have a handicap placard, but are able to use one of our shuttle buses (there are handicap shuttles), please do so to avoid traffic jams in parking and moving shuttle buses to the Memorial.  

We ask that all physically able bodied folks who wish to place a wreath, AFTER the Ceremony, walk out to the furthest Sections in the Cemetery to begin placing wreaths.   This is especially requested of our Scouting and Youth groups attending the Event.    The closer Sections to the Memorial, are preferred for those who may have mobility limitations or difficulty.   Golf carts will be available to transport, and we ask for your patience, as we make this happen.

Questions can be directed to:

Beth Sattizahn, V.P., Program Operations , M.S.H.
Wreaths Across America Program
of the Indiantown Gap National Cemetery Memorial Council, Inc.

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Thank you again for your support as we Remember the fallen, Honor those and their families who still serve, and Teach our youth, the value and price of freedom!