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Mable Barnes
Mable Barnes, Posted by: Stephanie Alexander
In loving memory to the Matriarch of our family. You live an amazing life; your love for God and family are our foundation. Thank you for standing alongside those who served this country, especially our grandfather/father, and being a light to those in need. Your legacy lives on in us. We love and miss you! Stay Sweet!
Sephus Barnes, Army
Sephus Barnes, Army, Posted by: Stephanie Alexander
In loving memory of our dear grandfather, Sephus Barnes. Thank you for your service and your gift of love. Your smile and gentle spirit are missed. You will forever be in our hearts.
Ronald Simmons, Army
Ronald Simmons, Army, Posted by: Stephanie Alexander
In Memory of our beloved father and grandfather, Ronald Simmons. We are grateful for your service and miss you dearly. The life of service you lived lives on in each of us. We love you and thank you for the life you lived.
Donald Mantz, Navy
Donald Mantz, Navy, Born 3/13/1927
We all miss you and love you. Proud of your service to our great Nation.
Norma Anderson
Norma Anderson, Posted by: David Steffen
We all miss you. Merry Christmas
harold phelps, Army
harold phelps, Army, corporal, Served from 1943, Born 2/20/1923, Passed on 7/1/2000, Posted by: richard p.
love you Mom & Dad never forget you
Bruce Bonkoski
Bruce Bonkoski , Born 7/12/1959, Passed on 2/19/2010, Posted by: Jeannie Bonkoski
Love you & miss you every single day.
Robert Tegethoff, Navy
Robert Tegethoff, Navy, CTR2, Born 8/9/1946, Passed on 3/2/2014, Posted by: Michelle Tegethoff
Merry Christmas, Dad! We love you and miss you - Mom, Michelle and Skip, Jeanne, Michael, Caitlin and William
Posted by: Dennis C.
Richard C Smith Sr Navy IL
Posted by: Kent E.
Joe Walker Army SGT IL
Posted by: Mike Y.
Thomas Young Army IL
Posted by: Nathan L.
Vencent Laney US Army MO
Posted by: James M.
Norman Reiter Army MO
Robert McCartney - USCG - MO Steve Bufkin - Army - TX
Posted by: Josh B.
Robert Brugger Navy Petty Officer MI
Posted by: Chris J.
Walter Anderson Army Corp KY