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Robert Nathe
Robert Nathe, Posted by: Therese M Gansner
Love & Miss You, Dad!
Oscar Lewis
Oscar Lewis, Posted by: MELISSA LEWIS
My Spc Oscar Lewis, Army, I love you and miss the talks. You a loving Husband, a father and a dad, I learn a lot from you. I know that one day I will see that smile and the laugh again. Until later, you pray for me, and I will continue Pray for you and mom.
Barry Dennis , Marine Corps
Barry Dennis , Marine Corps, Master Sargent , to 2006, Born 09/01/58, Passed on 04/26/21, Posted by: Denise Cannady
I miss you so much baby brother .. i wish i could hear your voice again , i so much miss our weekly phone calls .. love you .
Charles / Catherine Dennis, Army
Charles / Catherine Dennis, Army, Private First Class, Born 09/22/24, Passed on 05/07/11, Posted by: Denise Cannady
We miss you both so very much .. till we meet again , love you to the moon and beyond..
Bruce Lennox, Navy
Bruce Lennox, Navy, Posted by: Susan S.
In memory of Bruce Lennox, wonderful husband, father, grandfather and uncle who was always the strength of his family.
Kenneth Lennox, Air Force
Kenneth Lennox, Air Force, Posted by: Susan Sullivan
In memory of CPL Kenneth Lennox who lost his life along with 11 other crew members during the Korean War when his B-29 Bomber went down in the Sea of Japan on February 1, 1952. He continues to live on through his daughter and nieces.
Joe Sowders, Army
Joe Sowders, Army, Posted by: John M.
In memory of my father-in-law and great friend, Joe Sowders.
Michael Sitzes, Air Force
Michael Sitzes, Air Force, Served from 4, Born 08/17/52
Michael, I think of you and pray for you every day. You left this world way too soon. I know you are enjoying the company of Mom and Dad in Heaven. God bless you my twin brother. Love, Les
Melvin Goodwin, Army
Melvin Goodwin, Army, Posted by: Regina Crockett
Missing and Loving you still, Melvin L. Goodwin, St.
Diana Dold
Diana Dold, Born 09/01/34, Passed on 01/28/19, Posted by: Dana Dold-Brown
Diana Dold. You were the best mom and grandma! It's so hard to believe that you are gone. We miss you terribly and there is a void that just can't be filled. You taught us so much in life and your support never waivered. We could always count on you; you were always there...ready to go. We hope we continue to make you and dad proud. We love you both!
Frederick Dold, Army
Frederick Dold, Army, Corporal, Born 09/10/31, Passed on 06/03/16, Posted by: Dana Dold-Brown
Frederick Dold, the best father and grandpa. You taught us so much in life and you are truly missed. You were the epitome of what "family" was and we hope that we continue to make you and mom proud. We miss and love you both so much!
Terry Bond, Marine Corps
Terry Bond, Marine Corps, Posted by: Nancy B.
Thankful for my husband's service through the Marine Corps in Viet Nam, then Okinawa. May God be glorified..
Robert Cochran, Army
Robert Cochran, Army, PFC
Thank you for this wonderful tribute of honor towards our loved ones!
Ezell Turner, Army
Ezell Turner, Army, Posted by: Carlos T.
Dad, Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We love you, and miss you dearly.
Donald Gruner, Army
Donald Gruner, Army, 1st Lieutenant, Served from 1957, Born 05/14/34, Passed on 08/31/18
We Love and Miss You!
James DeGuire, Navy
James DeGuire, Navy, Posted by: Cindy T.
my Dad, James DeGuire.