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Kenneth Myers, Marine Corps
Kenneth Myers, Marine Corps, Posted by: Katherine Marsh
Kenneth P. Myers Thank you for your service
FLORENCIO & GUADALUPE LUNA, Navy, Posted by: Teresa N.
Mom & Dad, thank you for everything you did for us. We will always cherish the memories and keep you in our hearts. We love and miss you both so much!
Larry Funk, Marine Corps
Larry Funk, Marine Corps, Posted by: Marti F.
Larry Funk, Our loving father, grandpa, husband, friend, brother, son and the best Mr. Fix it ever.
William (Bill) Ferguson, Coast Guard
William (Bill) Ferguson, Coast Guard, Posted by: Jane Findley
Bill Ferguson and his service to our country.
William (Ben) Findley, Air Force
William (Ben) Findley, Air Force, Posted by: Jane Findley
In Memory of Ben Findley and his service to his country
Robert "Bob" O'Hara, Navy
Robert "Bob" O'Hara, Navy, Posted by: Jane Findley
Robert "Bob" O'Hara Thank you for your service.
Walter "Ben" Bunger
Walter "Ben" Bunger, Posted by: Jane Findley
Walter "Ben" Bunger Thank you for your service
Fred W. Ryman, Navy
Fred W. Ryman, Navy, Posted by: Fred Ryman
We love and miss you! Nancy, Tina, Rob, Morgan/Anthony , Eric/Sydney
Donald Gehler, Army
Donald Gehler, Army, LtCol, Born 09/07/37, Passed on 07/04/11, Posted by: Kent F.
Don, an incredible person and great basketball player! We miss you!
Vicente Quinata, Army
Vicente Quinata, Army, Posted by: Lisa M.
Vicente Quinata
Leonard Vasquez, Sr., Air Force
Leonard Vasquez, Sr., Air Force, Posted by: Ruth C.
In Memory of Leonard Vasquez, Sr.
Gary Smith, Navy
Gary Smith, Navy, PO1, Served from 1967, Born 03/05/47, Passed on 11/18/18, Posted by: Alexander Smith
Merry Christmas Dad we miss you and we love you so much.
Melvin Steagall, Air Force
Melvin Steagall, Air Force, A2C, Born 05/27/42, Passed on 07/31/23, Posted by: Jennifer Steagall Mumm
our beloved Husband, Dad, Papa and Great Papa. Our hero we will greatly miss everyday. He was a hard working man that loved his family and country. This first Christmas without him here will be the hardest. Merry Christmas Dad, you are always in our hearts. We love you
Leonard Brockman, Navy
Leonard Brockman, Navy
We miss you so much Dad! The Original 5
Ernest McCullough, Army
Ernest McCullough, Army, Sgt, Born 10/06/27, Passed on 10/02/23
Sgt Ernest McCullough; US Army. A Compatriot, a loving husband, a true gentleman and hero. You will be missed, Mr. Ernie.
William Miller, Navy
William Miller, Navy, Posted by: Karen Cruz
In honor and celebration of Bill Miller. Happy holidays to all!