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NYCNCC - Calverton National Cemetery

Welcome to Calverton National Cemetery and thank you deeply for helping us with our goal to honor as many veterans as possible on Wreaths Across America Day, Saturday, December 14, 2024 (Wreath Placement 9:00 am). Please click "View" to learn more about our efforts. Please help us honor and remember as many fallen heroes as possible by sponsoring remembrance wreaths. You will be able to do a General Sponsor for one or several wreaths.To sponsor a wreath at Calverton, click on the “Sponsor Wreath” button on the HOME Page. It will take you to the official Wreaths Across America ordering information. Remember, when you sponsor, or donate, a wreath, it will be part of the general distribution amount that will be placed on 2 to 3 sections of the Cemetery as determined by the Calverton Support Committee. Those sections are rotated year to year so that every section “gets a turn”. In 2023, sections 27 and 69 were decorated. Different sections will be selected for 2024. The general supply of sponsored wreaths is then divided by the number of volunteers that sign up with us. In this manner, everyone volunteering to place a wreath will have an opportunity to do so. If you sponsor a large supply of wreath, please don’t expect to take that number at the wreath pick-up station. That will not leave enough for everyone to participate. You will pick up the same number of wreaths as everyone else.A General Sponsorship of a wreath is NOT for personal use. If you want to do that, then you must order a “Grave Specific” wreath on the WAA website. That wreath will have your name, or your laved one’s name, associatated with it when you pick it up at the “Grave Specific Wreath Pick-up” Station. Please be careful when you are ordering. We will not be able to give you a wreath at that station unless you specifically ordered it that way.When you order a "Grave Specific" wreath for a loved one's gravesite, you can pick up from us and place it yourself or, have one of our volunteers place it for you if you are out of the