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colie hughes, Army
colie hughes, Army, Posted by: Colie Hughes
this is also for my mother Hilda A Hughes who we laid to rest with my dad Sgt. Colie L Hughes this year
Albert Ebersole, Army
Albert Ebersole, Army, Posted by: Mark Lenz
Albert Ebersole retired Seargent Major, Veteran of WWII and Korean Wars. Loving grandparent who inspired me to become an Eagle Scout, Patriot and to serve my country in the military and as a civilian. Grandpa Al, I salute you!
Frank Palevo
Frank Palevo
Frank Palevo Husband, Father, Granfather & Friend!
Posted by: Alicia Cornstubble
Thank you to all the men and women whom have given their life or put their life on the line for my family’s freedom and safety. God bless you all.
Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson , Posted by: Head H.
Emma Anderson! Happy birthday beautiful!