Bestway Express, Inc. — WAA Trucking

For over 30 years, Bestway Express has operated as a family owned and operated company. This philosophy allows Bestway to offer a family friendly environment to all of our employees and their families. Bestway strives to provide its customers the highest quality of service available in the trucking industry; specifically the automotive sector.  Operating in a just-in-time environment is just one of our specialties and we take pride in our success. Over the past several years, Bestway has secured its position as a company powered by natural gas fuels and continues to make strides in reducing emissions into the environment, reducing our carbon footprint, as well as reducing our dependency on foreign oil. We are a company backed by our driving professionals who are committed to each and every safe delivery.  “Our morals and values begin with our team members and their relationships with the customer, because it is not the trucks that move freight; it’s the people.” – Mac McCormick founder of Bestway Express, Inc.


2015 WAA Delivery Locations - 

Arlington National Cemetery

NCWSMC - Scenic Memorial Gardens Cemetery Wilkesboro

NCFLCG - Forest Lawn Cemetery Greensboro


2016 WAA Delivery Locations - 

Arlington National Cemetery