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The company was founded as Boyle Brothers Truckmen in 1908, by three brothers, John, Peter and Stephen Boyle. All had made their way from Ireland in search of good fortune in America. Arriving through Ellis Island, the brothers found employment in and around the port centers of Newark, NJ.

The three set to work with horses and wagons providing drayage service throughout the busy port area. Hard work paid off and the company began to flourish. Soon, the demanding work proved too difficult for the horses. Freight trucks and dump trucks were put into service to replace the troublesome "hay burners". During the early days, the fleet hauled many types of commodities. Coal, sand and gravel kept the dump trucks busy. Lumber, pipe and metals kept the freight trucks busy.

When World War I was declared, Boyle Brothers Inc. answered the call to military duty. Two brothers and many co-workers joined the armed forces overseas. Back in New Jersey, the company began to suffer the effects of the war. Strict war rationing of fuel, rubber and metals made it difficult to operate the equipment. Upon his return from the war, Peter left the business in pursuit of other goals. John and Stephen set out to re-establish their trucking company.

In 1931, Boyle Brothers Truckmen was incorporated and became Boyle Brothers Inc. Our original permit of Contract Carriage #65527 was issued. The post war economy was good for trucking and the business prospered.

The fleet expanded in size, and included some of the first tractor -semi trailers in operation on the East Coast. Growth was accomplished primarily through acquisitions, and our operating region grew accordingly. During this time, Boyle Brothers Inc. was one of the few carriers with authority to haul building materials between all points from Maryland to Massachusetts. These were good times in the trucking industry. But things were about to change as The United States of America became involved in World War II.

From a lesson well learned during World War I, Boyle Brothers Inc. was much better positioned for wartime trucking. Stephen and John had built a strong partnership with the defense industry and they began to provide services for the war effort. During these tough times, Boyle trucks were busy hauling airplanes, ordinances and shells to military installations along the East Coast. And for this tremendous war effort, Boyle Brothers Inc. earned a presidential commendation signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt. We proudly display this bit of corporate history at our terminal today.

Following the post war economy, Boyle Brothers Inc. continued to flourish. Our flatbed and freight operations continued to grow while dump truck operations were ended. Sleeper trucks and stretch flatbeds were introduced to the fleet as the straight trucks were replaced with longer and stronger semi-trailers. Bigger, and more powerful Boyle trucks were now busy hauling good to all points East of the Mississippi River. Boyle Brothers Inc. was quickly becoming one of the premiere trucking operation on the East coast.

This strength proved invaluable during the dramatic changes that took place in the industry in the 1970,s and early 1980's. Deregulation and tough economic cycles claimed many of the old time trucking outfits. Yet, the dedication to customer service and solid business practices have allowed Boyle Brothers Inc. to continue serving customers through these tough times. Adapting to the new business environment, Boyle Brothers Inc. today is full service provider of the BEST transportation service available.

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