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Campbell's Express was founded in approximately 1900.  At that time, Mr. Campbell would walk around Philadelphia and pick up the orders he had received from the local merchants in Pitman and Glassboro, New Jersey.  To manage the parcels, he would tie them to his body with twine so he wouldn't drop them; and, then, would ride the train to Pitman.  From there, he would deliver his "shipments", one by one to the local shops. 

In 1918, Mr. Campbell purchased his first truck and, then, used the name "Campbell's Auto Express" to let people know he had an "Auto" while some were still using horse and buggy. 

The company was sold to Mr. Randall Worthington around 1923, and continued as a 1 to 2 truck operation.  In 1935, due to the enactment of the "Motor Carrier Act", Campbell's Auto Express received its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.  The ICC 109 that it received is one of the lowest certificates still in existence.

Louis G. Hannum, Sr. and his wife Helen bought the company from Mr. Worthington in 1945, in addition to the used Ford straight job that made up the fleet.  Ownership was transferred to Mr. & Mrs. Hannum's children, Cheryl Gallagher and Mike Hannum through 2005.  Esther Gallagher and William Messenger purchased and co-own the company, currently.

Through the years, Campbell's grew from a one truck operation to a company that operates 78 trucks and employs 145 people.  Even as the company has expanded, the owners have made sure to stay true to their roots by continuing to provide personalized service, quality handling and reasonable pricing.  With its one terminal operation, shipments are delivered on an overnight basis to points in a 150 mile radius of Pitman.

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2015 WAA Delivery Locations - 

NJFPNS - Finn's Point National Cemetery Pennsville

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