Chapman Trucking — WAA Trucking

Chapman Trucking was founded in 1977 by Ed Chapman and his wife, Sharon.  Their philosophy, of always providing quality service to customers, has allowed the company to grow and expand over the past 30+ years.  They have prided themselves on loyal long term customers and employee relationships. Chapman Trucking, Inc., a Maine-based commercial transportation and warehousing company, began with one tractor & trailer and the same owner-driver, Edward Chapman. Incorporated in 1985, Chapman Trucking, Inc. has since grown to include our carefully selected team of drivers and dispatchers. Over the many years Chapman Trucking has expanded to include transportation needs with regular and specialized vans and flatbeds, long and short haul, local delivery refrigerated straight trucks, warehousing with cross-docking services, and brokerage.

In 1998 we expanded our maintenance facility to accommodate our growing fleet of vehicles. Routine inspections and excellent maintenance allow us to continue to provide higher quality equipment.

Chapman Trucking uses an advanced form of GPS tracking to ensure on time deliveries which along with our experience and very strategic management team we have what it takes to move your business in the right direction.


2015 WAA Delivery Locations -

VAOHCF - Oak Hill Cemetery

VACGCH - Chestnut Grove Cemetery

VAANCA - Alexandria National Cemetery

VABFCP - Blandford Cemetery