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D. M. Bowman, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years, and is a diversified carrier with interstate and intrastate operating authorities and offers both common and contract services.  The company started its operations in 1959 with one used B 61 Mack tractor and trailer to haul coal.  Don Bowman operated that tractor and trailer as an owner-operator.  In 1966, Bowman obtained its first ICC authority and added several company trucks to transport brick from Williamsport, MD to points within 165 miles.

As Bowman’s expertise improved and the needs of its shippers grew, the territorial expansion followed.  By 1979, the first nationwide authorities to serve specific shippers on specified commodities were granted.  1981 and 1982 were transition years, in that Bowman’s operation took on a new look.  Though the Company maintained and sought business that required specialization, it became more of a van freight carrier than a flatbed freight carrier.

Bowman began to market and develop warehousing services, intermodal, and short haul truckload services.  D. M. Bowman, Inc. is also the dedicated carrier for various size companies including, Volvo, Lowe’s,  American Woodmark,  Club Car, and Quad Graphics.

D. M. Bowman, Inc. presently operates about 350 power units and approximately 1,200 trailers from seven terminal locations.  Corporate offices are located in Williamsport, MD.

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