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Dutch Maid Produce, Inc. started in December of 1977 with four tractors and four refrigerated trailers. Initially an effort was made to operate only as a private exempt carrier, but it did not take long to realize Dutch Maid Produce would need full Interstate Commerce Commission authority to add diversity to the operation. Today, exempt produce accounts for less than 20% of the company’s annual tonnage. 

Dutch Maid Produce Inc. changed its name late in 1997 to Dutch Maid Logistics Inc. to reflect the operations of the company. In doing so, the company is recognized not only as a produce carrier, but as a general carrier of refrigerated, as well as, dry commodities.

Dutch Maid Logistics Inc. is now an Irregular Route Common Carrier with General Commodity Authority for 48 states. In addition, we have a number of contract authorities. We also have Broker Authority and operate a brokerage office located in Lake City, Florida. Currently our fleet consists of approximately 90 over-the-road tractors and 170 trailers. 

Many of our staff have been with Dutch Maid Logistics since it was incorporated. Several of our staff members are former over-the-road truck drivers and understand the needs of our drivers. We are a family-oriented company and pride ourselves on professionalism. We are always searching for courteous and safety-minded drivers to join our team.


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