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It started with just one man and a used Chevy truck in rural Virginia during the Great Depression. But the years since W.W. Estes first began hauling farming supplies in 1931 paint a picture of dramatic transformation. The Estes family still owns and operates the company; however, it’s now the largest privately owned LTL carrier—and one of the largest less-than-truckload and truckload transportation systems—in the country.

Today, Estes has an employee base more than 16,000 strong and an increasingly newer fleet of more than 6,700 tractors and 30,000 primarily logistics-bar trailers. Our network has grown from a single location in one state to over 200 terminals with coverage in all 50 states, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. And our extensive network of air, ocean and ground services through subsidiary Estes Forwarding Worldwide means we can ship to virtually any destination on the globe.

If W.W. could see Estes today, he might be amazed at how it’s grown, but he would certainly be pleased that the growth was driven by the same values of hard work and customer service that he introduced. Since that first run, creating satisfied customers and striving for excellence has always been The Estes Way.


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2017 WAA Delivery Locations - 

TNFDNC - Fort Donelson National Cemetery

NYCOAA - Cayuga County Veterans Memorial For the City of Auburn

ILBTCB - Bridgeport Township Cemetery

KYZTNL - Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

NYTCTV - Talcottville Cemetery

ILSFVM - St. Francisville Veterans Monument

WIWLLC - Woodlawn Cemetery

MIRROM - Romulus Memorial Cemetery

MIRSVC - Roscommon Village Cemetery

VTVMRC - Vermont Veterans Cemetery

WVLCSD - Lost Creek Seventh Day Baptist Church Cemetery 

GAWTRC - Winterville Cemetery

MDGFOM - Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery

NJSMCF - St. Magdalens Catholic Cemetery

PAUCNH - Union Cemetery

PAWWCW - Wildwood Cemetery 

PAZUCB - Ziegels Union Church Cemetery

VACGPS - Cedar Grove Cemetery

NCSNCE - Salisbury National Cemetery

NCFLCG - Forest Lawn Cemetery

ILBTCB - Bridgeport Township Cemetery

KYZTNL - Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

2016 WAA Delivery Locations - 

AZNMCP - National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona

NEHGFC - Hemingford Cemetery

UTLQMP - Lindquist Memorial Park

WAIGCB - Ivy Green Cemetery

IDMVCP - Mountain View Cemetery

WAGVCG - Grandview Cemetery

WARSSG - Sunset Memorial Gardens

SDHSNH - Hot Springs National Cemetery

WYRSCC - Riverside Cemetery

CACMBC - Cambria District Cemetery

CAPVMP - Pacific View Memorial Park and Mortuary

WADAVA - Disabled American Veterans Auxilary

WATFCV - Teiford's Chapel of the Valley Funeral Home

CAPRPR - Paso Robles District Cemetery

2015 WAA Delivery Locations - 

WAIGCB - Ivy Green Cemetery

WADAVA - Disabled American Veterans Auxilary

WAWVHR - Washington Veterans Home Cemetery

CAPVMP - Pacific View Memorial Park and Mortuary 

CARMPC - Rose Memorial Park Association Cemetery

IDRCCR - Rathdrum City Cemetery

MTRCFB - Riverside Cemetery

WAECEP - Ephrata Cemetery

WAQVCQ - Quincy Valley Cemetery

WAVVMP - Valley View Cemetery

WATFCV - Teiford's Chapel of the Valley Funeral Home

WYRSCC - Riverside Cemetery

GAMNCM - Marietta National Cemetery Marietta

SCSOCH - Six Oaks Cemetery Hilton Head Island

Birdseye State Veterans Cemetery

TNSRNB - Stones River National Battlefield Murfeesboro

TNWTCM - West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery Memphis

TNMNCM - Memphis National Cemetery Memphis

AROCJA - Oaklawn Cemetery Jonesboro

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