Gateway Distribution — WAA Trucking

Founded in 1989 as a customer-oriented LTL consolidator, Gateway Distribution quickly grew from a one-truck, 1,000 square foot operation into a 50-truck, 140,000 square foot enterprise. Gateway excels at customer service! Where other carriers are bound by limitations, we have the flexibility to meet our customers’ needs every time—even when they change at a moment’s notice.

We work to meet or exceed your specifications, customizing the service plan to meet your unique delivery requirements.

Our mission is simple: We provide our customers a partnership in profit with the very best in service, facilities, and equipment. Ask any one of our 65 employees what makes us different from the rest, and they will point to our focus on partnership. We are hard-working people who make it a point to think “outside the box” every day for our customers.

With more than 200 years combined experience in the trucking industry, it’s no accident that we are the fastest growing LTL consolidator in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our location is ideal, considering that more than 80 percent of the U.S. population is located within 600 miles of our headquarters. Our philosophy for business has carried over to our other terminals nationwide as we have continued to grow.

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2015 WAA Delivery Locations - 

OHRHCC - Rest Haven Memorial Park Cincinnati

OHSGCC - Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati

OHGHCH - Glenhaven Cemetery Harrison

OHGWCA - Greenwood Cemetery Association Hamilton

OHWSCM - Woodside Cemetery Middletown

OHCGOH - Gate of Heaven Cemetery Cincinnati

OHOVHG - Ohio Veterans Home Georgetown

OHDDRC - Decatur Cemetery