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The world was mired in the Great Depression in 1936, hardly an ideal time to start a new business.

But the bleak economic climate didn’t deter H. P. Mabry and Arthur Rush from starting a new enterprise based in Greenwood, S.C. They hauled cotton from the Charleston area to the Grendel and Panola Mills. These two textile mills even provided a name for the new firm, which they christened the G&P Trucking Co. (Grendel and Panola were the names of the mill owner’s two daughters.)

David Heller was hired in 1964 as a part-time billing clerk after getting out of the Navy.   G & P only operated within South Carolina.  G&P Trucking was what was known as a ‘feeder carrier,’ because they picked up freight and delivered it to all the big shipping companies, who then took that freight to destinations all over the country. The routes used by the shipping business were very highly regulated back then, and rates were established and enforced by the Public Service Commission in Columbia. The minimum charge for an intrastate shipment was $2.65.

As the textile industry began to change significantly in the early 1980s, management at G&P Trucking recognized the need to revise its business model. To prosper, the company had to expand its services, diversify its customer base, and develop new markets over a larger geographic area.

In September 1986, W.T. Cassels Jr. and family bought G&P Trucking and moved the corporate headquarters from Greenwood to Gaston.

Today, the company has a major emphasis on international shipping, especially shipping to and from Mexico.

G&P Trucking Company’s core competency is truckload freight. That is the backbone of our business, and it provides the strength upon which we founded our company 75 years ago. But we go beyond the basics. Additional services include intermodal shipping, expedited delivery, dedicated routes, warehousing, transloading, third party logistics and brokerage. Our strategy revolves around a focused approach to serve specific customers requiring exceptional service to target markets. This allows us to provide outstanding service to our customers and to be a preferred place to work for professional truck drivers.

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