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Jim Germak always wanted to be a truck driver. He started his trucking career at 18 years old. While attending college, he worked part-time in a warehouse loading trucks. To help his boss during busy periods he would haul loads of building materials. The year he turned 22 he purchased an F-Model Mack and a flatbed trailer, but was unable to actually lease on with a company until he was 23 years old. The day he turned 23 he was in the office of a major transportation company filling out the paperwork to become an Owner Operator. He worked for them for 10 years hauling building products and steel. In 1976 he married Linda and they had their first of three children later that year. Jim loved the trucking industry, but missed the home time with his family. So, in 1982 he and Linda incorporated their new business as JAGTRUX, INC, a contract/common carrier.

The business started from their home in rural Lancaster County, PA, back a dirt lane in the middle of the woods. They cleared an area for a parking lot, maintenance shop and had an office in a small room in the house. In 1998 Jagtrux, Inc. purchased an abandoned locomotive repair shop, originally built in 1942, and completely renovated the building. They moved from their small shop and offices to a larger facility in Marietta, PA. Since then they have acquired surrounding property and now have a 75 acre facility with a full service shop, cross dock facilities, and secure trailer storage lots, as well as many other benefits. In 1999 we implemented the use of TMW Systems trucking software and the use of Qualcomm in company vehicles.

During his time as an owner operator, Jim was able to develop many business relationships with customers and shippers, including a strong relationship with Armstrong World Industries. In the mid 1980's Jagtrux became a Core Carrier for Armstrong World Industries servicing facilities in Marietta, PA, Lancaster, PA, Beaver Falls, PA, and Sparrows Point, MD. Jim and the Jagtrux organization have worked hard to create positive business relationships with companies in the surrounding areas for both inbound and outbound loads.

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2017 WAA Delivery Locations - 

PAIGNA - Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

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PAIGNA - Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

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PAIGNA - Indiantown Gap National Cemetery