Jet Express — WAA Trucking

Jet Express, Inc., a truckload carrier based in Dayton, Ohio, currently has 90 company drivers, 220 owner-operators and 600 trailers. The company handles up to 400 truckloads per day throughout the United States, primarily for the “just-in-time” automotive industry. Providing excellent service, the company was awarded the prestigious “Worldwide Supplier Award” 3 consecutive years from General Motors. The company was awarded “Supplier of the Year” for 2011, the only truckload supplier in North America to receive this award.  In 2015, Jet Express received the esteemed Ryder Carrier Quality Award.  Jet Express President and ATA First Vice Chairman Kevin Burch is involved in all aspects of the trucking industry, including educating our public policy officials, the media and the motoring public that the trucking industry is safe, sustainable and essential.


2015 WAA Delivery Locations - 

OHDNCD - Dayton National Cemetery Dayton