Kutzler Express, Inc. — WAA Trucking

Kutzler Express, Inc., was founded in 1982, continuing a trucking legacy originally begun in 1928. Our primary area of operation encompasses a 150 mile radius from Kenosha, Wisconsin. We also service a longer range of 350 miles, going into Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

Our terminal is in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where we employ a full service shop and office facility.

As a dedicated and general carrier, Kutzler Express understands that it is more than freight we are moving. It’s your business! We consider ourselves a partner with our customers, and their satisfaction is our number one priority. This progressive attitude along with an untarnished safety record, has allowed us to provide award winning regional service to a local single plant or a nationwide multi-plant industry.

Kutzler Express is a multi-year recipient of the Midwest Truckload Carrier of the Year Award by a local know Company, and by Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

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2016 WAA Delivery Locations - 

IAKNCK - Keokuk National Cemetery 

ILRINR - Rock Island National Cemetery