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Stanley T. Bennett buys a dairy in Portland from the Leadbetter family and founds Oakhurst Dairy near a grove of oak trees on Woodfords Street in Portland. Within a few months, Stanley moves the dairy to its present location at 364 Forest Ave. in Portland.

Oakhurst, starting with two horse-drawn milk wagons, grows steadily, earning a reputation for superior service and fresh, high-quality dairy products.

When Oakhurst Dairy first began, fresh milk was delivered in glass bottles by horse-drawn wagons. Since then, the story of Oakhurst Dairy has been one of growth, innovation, service and success. Under the guidance of three generations of the Bennett family, Oakhurst has continued the heritage of community service and environmental stewardship established by Stanley T. Bennett. 

In 2006, 90% of Oakhurst's truck fleet converts to bio-diesel fuel, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1,332 tons per year, making Oakhurst the nation's largest bio-diesel dairy fleet.

In 2009, Oakhurst Dairy invests in three new projects in support of its continuing firm commitment to a healthier environment and healthier New England communities. The dairy purchased a fuel saving hybrid delivery truck, introduced a program to equip 25 of its large semi-trucks with drag-reducing “skirts,” and installed solar panels on a second Oakhurst facility, in Waterville, Maine. 


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