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Peoples Services, Inc. is a third generation family owned company that traces its history back to 1914, when it operated in Massillon, Ohio as a storage and moving company. In 1947, Ray Sibila, owner of Sibila Trucking, bought Peoples Cartage. In the late 1960’s they branched into public warehousing while continuing to grow in size. In 1992, the firm incorporated as Peoples Services, Inc. and moved its headquarters to Canton, Ohio.

The company now operates in six states: Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia and provides more than 5 million square feet of secure, storage space.

Peoples Services is an asset based regional 3rd party provider of logistics services including transportation, warehousing, transloading and packaging services. In November 2010, Peoples doubled their size through acquisitions of general warehouses. Peoples provides services to many publicly traded companies including chemical and manufacturing companies, helping them to be more competitive in managing their supply chain and inventories.  Peoples is one of the 100 largest private asset based warehousing companies in the country operating over100 power units including 65 tractors, 30 bulk pneumatic tank trailers, 20 flatbed trailers and 82 van trailers. Peoples provides packaging and repacking services including drumming of liquid chemicals, packaging of plastics, fulfillment services and tolling.

Peoples Services, Inc. is committed to providing a quality service and excellent customer support to ensure your business needs are continually served. Your success is our success!

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2015 WAA Delivery Locations - 

OHMCTC - Veterans Memorial & Columbia Township Cemetery

OHVIMG - Maple Grove Cemetery

OHECPV - Evergreen Cemetery Painesville