Walter P. Rawl and Sons, Inc. — WAA Trucking

In the early 1920’s, the late Walter and Ernestine Rawl started a local business known as the Walter P. Rawl Farm selling peaches.  Over the years the business evolved into a larger farm selling greens and specialty vegetables and became known as Walter P. Rawl and Sons. 

Today Walter P. Rawl & Sons continues to operate as a “family farm” with nine family members still working in the business along with an additional 400 employees. 

To see that the business thrives for future generations, Walter P. Rawl & Sons puts innovation and sustainability at the forefront of business while also giving back to the industry and continuing to live by the company motto “Our Business is Growing®.”

Website - Walter P. Rawl and Sons, Inc.

2017 WAA Delivery Locations-

SCBNCB - Beaufort National Cemetery

2016 WAA Delivery Locations - 

NCRNCR - Raleigh National Cemetery Raleigh

SCFNCF - Florence National Cemetery Florence